Bonjours/Bonsoir Vos avis ?
Je devais faire "a speech" pour les élections des délégué de classe en anglais, et j'aimerais vos avis :
So, Hi I’m Kyra S. and
I’m presenting myself for the election of your class president, I know many (most) of you probably
don’t know me because I’m new and that’s why I have spent hours and hours to
write this enormously long (show the script) speech to get you to know me
better. But I don’t think this is going
to work so I just keep it as short and simple,
When I was
first told I needed to write a speech, I had no Idea what to do, and I didn’t wanted
it to be another boring, regular speech. So I ask my dearest friend for advice,
and guess what she said, “You will probably lose” nice friend.. I know but she
had a point, we all know that these elections are just like popularity contest
and I’m not exactly popular.
? I thought all I have to do is to get good grades, be
responsible, and be a good student that people will vote for me automatically.
I was wrong?” (pause) That’s why I am here today, standing in front of you
guys, giving a speech, probably look dumb and all. However I want to let you
know that maybe I am not the pretty girl, or not a sports athlete, or anything
like that, but I really want to do this, not only because I believe in my own
ability to run this position. I’m a
very hard worker. Sure I may be on the quiet side, but my actions speak louder
than anything. I am a highly ambitious person, and I will never give up on
anything. So while I still have your attention, I would like to make my
intentions clear on why I should be elected as your class President. First I
will be open to any and all ideas. Second You can count on me and trust me And
lastly I promise to help make this first High school year Unforgettable.

So vote for me,

Kyra S,



Très bien ! Demande a tes parents pour savoir si tout est ok mais pour moi c est très bien fait !!!