Décrire cette photo en anglais de manière très détaillé ,il faut s'inspirer et deviner quand ce n'est pas apparent
Ou quand qui quoi

t'as quel age niveau quoi ? 3ème
la moindre des choses si tu veus qu'on t'aide c'est de repondre
c'est bon ca THIS PICTURE REPRESENTS 3 STUDENTS sitting in the forest. A GIRL AND TWO boys. they listen to music with two players MP3, two headphones, the girl is in the middle of the boys, the girl has a headphone mp3 but two boys have only one, they do not look happy. this is strange thé girl has headphone of différent mp3 players
It's Three boys!!!! XD and you don't know where they are sitting and if they listen to the music with an mp3


Meilleure réponse !
Bonjour, voilà ce que je te propose: In this picture one can see three teenagers who are all boys. Two of them are wearing a t-shirt and the one on the left is wearing a sweat-shirt, all three of them have blue jeans on and the blond guy has a watch. The one in the middle has red hair, the one on the left brown hair and the one on the right dark blond hair. On the background you can identify trees. They look like they know each other and are friends since they are listening to music together next to each other. The one on the left is smiling, they probably are having a good time.