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Exercice 1:
Il faut lire le texte et faire un CPT : characters (personnage) place ( ou et quand ) topic (l'histoire)
la page de lecture est big brother is watching you elle est ci dessous

Exercuce 2 : trouver 10 arguments POUR facebook et 10 arguments CONTRE facebook en anglais .
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C'est un résumé de l'histoire de big brother.. il y a quelques éléments de tes questions, moi j'ai étudier the big brother en francais, tiens : In 1984 , Big Brother is the leader of the "Party" , so the state of Oceania , and is also the general supervisor, by ubiquitous posters and " telescreens " private homes , that commemorates the official maxim Big Brother is watching you ( Big Brother watching you ) . It is the object of a personality cult .It never appears in person. It is represented by the face of a man about 45 years old , mustache , staring people in the eye, in an expression that is both reassuring and sévère1 .The propaganda is that Big Brother is the creator of the party, as well as the hero of countless revolutionary exploits.These claims eventually awaken doubt, since the face appearing publicly is too young to have been involved in these events, and that does not age.Finally, the key to the existence of Big Brother are shown in scenes of "education" Winston . Big Brother , he is presented as immortal as the party is in power. To the question , is there ? , The answer is yes. The question he has a body ? is rejected as having no importance to determine if it exists. Is it like I exist ? causes the answer you do not exist . Eventually it becomes clear to the reader that Big Brother is an icon of propaganda that does not exist as a human being , but the mind of the Party 's authority to decide what is true or false must outweigh research inconsistency (the 2 + 2 = 5) and on the comparison to the material facts (the dual thinking). It is therefore essential for an inhabitant of this world to accept the existence of Big Brother. What is often overlooked when talking about Big Brother ( that of Orwell) is that its main activity is not monitored but constantly rewrite history according to needs of the moment , it is also the occupation of the main character of the novel.Goldstein 's book points out that the name of Big Brother itself is a paradox , as the names of Pacific ministries. The Ingsoc advocates indeed a disintegration of the nuclear family by encouraging children to denounce their parents or inhibiting any love between a couple in favor of the duty to procreate for the Party. It is therefore ironic that his name is " Big Brother ", which is normally an image to encourage the love within a family.Anyway , Big Brother is a character of propaganda and allegory, the incarnation of the "Party " and also (this is the same) the embodiment of civic duty in Oceania .
 10 reasons why Facebook is bad:
1) Privacy
2) Real Names Policy
3) Monetization
4) Profiling – and self-profiling
5) Facial recognition
6) You never know who’s watching
7) Facebook is forever ( your account is saved in a computer of Facebook organisation)
8) Monopoly
9) Concentration
10) Dependency – and bad habits