-which => inanimate object
ex:Which book do we have to use?
-how deep => depth
ex:How deep is the sea?
-how => manner
ex:How do we have to make this exercice?
-how many => quantity
ex:How many times have you been abroad?
-how long => period
ex:How long does it take to boil an egg?
-where...from => origin
ex:Where do you come from?
-where => place
ex:Where is the shop?
-how high => height
ex:How high is the Tour Eiffel?
-how much => choice
ex:How much times did you get in London?
-How far =>distance
ex:How far is it to the nearest gas station from here?
-when => moment
ex:When do we have the chemistry lessons?
-how large => size
ex:How large is this school?
-what... like => physical description
ex:What is her hair like?
-what... for => goal,purpose
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