What's your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
What do like or dislike?
Have you travelled?

What's your name, how old are you, have you got brothers or sisters, what do your parents do for a living, What do you like?
what's your name? how old are you ? Where do you live ? have you one passion ?or would you travel?
what's you name ?
what's your familly name ?
What's your name ? (quel est ton nom?) How old are you? (quel âge as-tu?) Where do you live ? (où habites-tu?) Have you got brothers and sisters ? (as-tu des frères et soeurs?) Do you live in a town or in the country ? (vis-tu en ville ou à la campagne?) How many brothers and sisters have you got ? (combien de frères et soeurs as-tu?) Do you like pets ? (aimes-tu les animaux?) Have you got any hobbies ? (as-tu des hobbies?) What do you like ? (qu'est-ce que tu aimes?)