Bonsoir,qui pourrez m'aidez pour mon devoir d'anglais SVP?merci a ceux qui m'aiderons!
ecrire comment se prononce les dates donner en Anglais:
exemple: march,24th 2003:
-the twenty-fourth of march two thousand and three.

A.June,23rd 1938:
B.november 22nd,1947:
C.december 31st,1799:
D.July 12th,1983:
E.march 17th,1452

D - the twelveth of july nineteen eighty three
E - the seventeenth of march forteen fifty two
Merci beaucoup,tu as les année comme ma prof les ecrit,merci!!
de rien :)


A] -the twenty-three of June one thousand nine under and thirty eight.
B] -the twenty two of November one thousand nine hundert and forty seven
C] -the thirty three of December one thousand seven hundert and ninty nine
D] the twelve of July one thousand nine hundert and eighty three
E] -the seventeen of march on thousand four hundert and fifty two
A-the twenty-third of june one thousand nine hundred                                                            b-the twenty-second of november            ...                                                                                   c-the thirty-first of december                      ...                                                                d-the twelfth of july                                      ...                                                                          e-the seventeenth of march ...

les années : thousand nine hundred thirty eight
thousand nine hundred and forty-seven
thousand seven hundred ninety-nine
thousand nine hundred eighty three
thousand four hundred fifty two