Exercice 1:

dis si les phrases suivantes parlent d'un événement présent ou futur.

a) Look! that man is giving chips to the fish!

b) Hello, mum ? I'm at Peter's party. yes, I'm having fun.

c) We're going to melbourne next week.

d) journalists are waiting for the prime minister's speech.

e) He is delivering his speech this afternoon.

Exercice 2

classe ces marqueurs du futur du plus proche au plus lointain dans le temps.

next year / in the 22nd century / in a couple ofhours / tomorrow morning / in two months'time / next semptember




exercice 1


a) present 

b) present



f) futur 


exercice 2


in couple of hours/ tomorow of morning/in two month's time/ next semptember/ next year/ in the 22nd century

Exercice 1:
a) présent
b) présent
c) future
d) présent
e) future

Exercice 2:
In a couple of hour