je ne sais pas comment est ta maison alors je te donne la description de la mienne.

my house is in town. she's next to somme houses. my house is big  and the walls are beige.  there are several windows.  there are not balconies because it's dangerous for childrens. the roof of my house is dark blue.  there are lots of floor: four floors.  at home, there are a garage and a cellar. there are several pieces: five bedrooms but there is a bedromm for the friends., two bathrooms and toiletsn, an attic, a living room and the kitchen,. the floor is tilled.  there is too  the dining room.  outside, there are a garden and lots of flowers  that my mother had plant.  there are also a swing and a slide but  no pool for swimm  because there is not  enough land. my house  is pretty good i thinck. there are trees nears my  home plants to complement the landscape.


voila je ne sais pas si ca fait 10 lignes alors... et comme ma maison ne doit pas ressembler a la tienne change quelques petites choses. ;)

en esperant t'avoir aide et desole pour les fautes  :$