voila c'est pour mon exament d'orale

le prof va me posser c'est question suivente s'aver vous y repondre en anglais ?

1 What is unicef

2 do you sav de energy ? how ?

3 what do you do un area ti save the envirenemment ?

4 how can you save water ? who ?

5 what else can you help on the plannet ?

6 what is the main objectif of UNICEF?

7 what can you do to help at home ?




1°: It is a humanitarian association.

2°: Yes, by switching off the light when I is not need.

3°: He sets up programs of environmental protection.

4°: By getting back her and by cleaning her.

5°: We can run in bike for example.

6°: Of help the deprived populations.

7°: Use less water and energy.


Voila, j'éspère que ça fera l'affaire! :D

(en passant sur les fautes en anglais je crois que je comprend tes questions...)
1) unicef is an organization created by the united nations (UN = ONU). Its purpose is to feed hungry and poor children all over the world, especially in developing countries.
2) yes, you can save energy. Turn off the lights, don't use electronic appliances for too long....
3) you can recycle plastics and cans, instead of throwing trash on the ground. Don't use too much water.
4) take a shower instead of a bath, don't let the water run when you're brushing your teeth... Anyone can do it!
5) deforestation for example
6) feed hungry children and educate them
Le problème c'est que tu a sans doute traité ces questions en cours, je ne peux pas te donner les réponses exactes attendues par ton prof! En relisant ton cours, essaie de répondre à ces questions toi même.