I like football
I love my mother
I adore play with my dog
I'm fond of rugby
I hate vegetables
I can't stand classic music
I don't care much for school.
J'espère t'avoir aider ;)
Meilleure réponse !

Et si tu veux des phrases plus complexes:

-sometimes, when it's hot outside, i like going out with friends and have fun. 

- Yesterday, i got to a charity bal, it was awsome and i enjoyed alot. i don't usually go to these sort of thing, but this one was for a good cause.

- the people i stand the less, are the arrogants one... these people just deserves to live alone for the rest of their lifes.

- oh, i hate it so much when my friends don't text back...  i'm not very patient.

voilaaaa :D