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A nunny is a woman who takes children care and helps the parents in household.Some parents haven't got time to take care their children.Then they ask to nunny to do household such as to change nappies,to lay an to clean the table,to vacuum the floor...She must work at the week-en and in evening.The parents prefer someone who is practical,speedy,confident because the nannys,to do langry,to lay and to clean the table,to do dishes,to change nappies,to sing lullabies,to give dummies.But some people

would like a nunny who repasses the wall,irons the clotches,works in the garden,cooks...

Oubviously a nunny is very good paid.



Meilleure réponse !

A nunny is a woman who takes care of children, and helps the parents in the housework. Some parents haven't got the time to take care of their children. Then, they ask to a nunny, to do the household, like for change nappies, set the table, do the washing up, clean by vacuuming... She must work every weekend, and every evenings. Parents prefer practicals, speedys, confidents' persons, because they need those qualities for all the things they'll have to do.  But some parents prefer nunnys who repasse the wall, cooks, garden.... Obviously, a  nunny is very good paid. 


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