But the dark side of this progress is that it is dangerous. In the book "Brave New World", babies are made in tubes. The men and women don't mate, they make love just for fun and not in order to procreate. I think that here the human being is dehumanized. In this book, the "human" is categorized. I think it is really scary, we could talk about a hierarchy of men: they are not equal, we have the lesser skinny human being , skinny that the society has rejected and cast aside such a waste in a dumpster and there are the others who are strong, heavy-built , beautiful with square jaws and beautiful teeth, seeming very sportly and they are all alike. We have the first-class citizens and the second-class citizens.This is dangerous because there is no more equality. Sort of In a way we brainwash(categorise?) them. Later, we may do horrible things like choose(verbe-ing) the baby we want: his features, the sexe gender (a gender selection ! ...) as if we were shopping in a supermarket or as if commanded ('ordered' - 'commander' est un faux ami) on the Iinternet. I find it's really unfair and against nature. Fortunately, some people (writers like Huxley, few scientists ...) want to warn us about the hazards of genetic engineering. We must be aware of this dangers ! Indeed, it is terrifying to see that science is growing now for the service of economic interests instead of general interest . GMOs and animal cloning illustrate that. Nothing is natural, it piss me off !(un peu vulgaire - 'angers me' serait mieux) It is not as medical. Pollution causes the climate change. The temperature will soar and there will be a mass extinction. 90% of the life in the on earth will disappear. Our world is full of gadgets that cause millions of cancers, it is so sad! Medicine has indeed jumped (ici je veux dire que la médecine a fait un bond ! but there are more viruses like AIDS. Forests are disappearing very quickly and the water is more and more polluted . What we eat or drink is nothing more no longer natural. The Mman is not happy in the he built.


J'espère t'avoir aider :)