svp jai un devoir en anglais pouvez vous m'aider : voila je dois inventeé un personnage nimporte lequel et dire sa description

1 Name

2 Physical apparence

3talents: he/she/can

It's fosside for him

Problems: he she can

It's imposible to when

merci de me inventer un personnage




1 name: holly (c'est une file) she is a girl

2 physical apparence :

her hair is blond curls. she has deep blue eyes and  her eyelashes  are very long. her eyes are very beautiful. she has a small  nose tucks. she's tall and thin. she has long  legs. her fingers are fine. her nails are always well cared for. she is tanned.

3 talents:


she can  make the big  gap because  she is a great gymnast. she makes very good foods  and she knows really dance too. she is very athletic. the kids really appreciate. she has a lot of imagination  and began writing poems.


she can't swim because she scared of water. she is allergic to pollen.  she doesn't like eggs.  she isn't very strong  in mathematics and french.

desole pour les fautes!

Her name is Lena, She's too short for her age. She's blond-haired and brown-eyed. She is a great singer ! She loves dance on R&B and she can run really fast ! She's really shy because of boys.. She loves France but she doesn't like vegetables but her family is vegetarian.. It´s a big problem !!