Hello my friend How are you ? Im fine and you ? I feel phenomenal ! Why ? Because i had an amazing week-end ! Oh really what did you do ? I went to à skate park With my friends and after we went at the beach where we played volley With people we didnt know before , then we went all together to à restaurant and we did à party at home ! What about you ? Ohhh im so jealous of what you did because i did nothing except the english's homework we had to prepare together while you were having fun .. Oohh Im so sorry my friend , my apologizes

- Bonjour max

- bonjour fred
- comment tu vas
- ca va et toi
- tres bien comme un lundi
- et ton weekend
- ho oui super, je suis allé faire une randonnée dans les montagnes le temps était superbe, ensuite on a dormi dans un chalet, avec feu de cheminée et raclette, c'était super.
- oh oui j'imagine
- et toi qu'as tu fais ?
- on est parti dans de la famille pour l'anniveraire d'une cousine, elle fétais ses 40 ans. on s'est bien amusé. Tout le monde était content de se retrouver.
- ah ok.


- Hello max
- Hello fred
- How are you
- It's going and you
- Very much like a Monday
- And your weekend
- Ho so great, I went for a hike in the mountains the weather was great, then we stayed in a cottage with fireplace and raclette, it was great.
- Oh yes I guess
- You and what did you do?
- We went in the family for a cousin's birthday, it was celebrating its 40th anniversary. we had fun. Everyone was happy to meet.
- Ah ok.