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Steven Allan Spielberg is a director, a scriptwriter and a American producer been born on December 18th, 1946 to Cincinnati ( Ohio).
Director of the first blockbuster of the history(story) of the cinema (The Teeth of the sea), he is recognized for his numerous successful film productions (E.T. the extraterrestrial, Jurassic Park, Legend Indiana Jones), as well as for his administrator's activities. Founder of the production company Amblin and co-founder of the studio DreamWorks SKG, he(it) produced several box-office successes as Poltergeist, Gremlins, Return towards the future, Who wants Roger Rabbit's skin? Or still three Men in Black. He also assures(insures) the production and the distribution(casting) of more ambitious works on the artistic plan such Letters of Iwo Jima de Clint Eastwood, American Beauty de Sam Mende



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