Bonjour, pouvez-vous m'aider svp!


Mettre au passif:

1) Sandra told me a strange story.

2)Daddy gave John a beautiful bike.

3)I shall give a big bone to the dog.

4) We have shown our new car to the neighbours.

5) The workers build a bridge.


Mettre les phrases suivantes au temps qui convient:

1) Yesterday I (to go) to the cinema.

2) I (be happy) if you (to come) with me.

3)Leslie ( to know) New York very well.

4)Yesterday I (to read) a book when you ( to arrive).




exo 1 : .....


exo 2 : 

1) yesterday, i went to the cinema

2) i am happy if you will come with me


4) ... read ... arrived