Bonjour! je ne demandrais qu'une chose... Pouvez vous corriger les fautes svp? Merci d'avance! :)

I love you. I love you so much.

You are beautiful, and intelligent.

You have it all.

But you already know that. It is for nothing that I'm with you.

But what bad-tempered! I can't stand you anymore. All you whims, you desire to be able, your selfishness...

This is too much.

I'm leaving. It's over. You'll blame me, for sure. You'll search me around the city to make me pay. All the country if necessary. But you don't dare hurt me.

Me, my only regret is that i make the sentence. Whitout much trouble.

But it's impossible to live together. Our love is impossible.

You must know that I love you always, only your characters pushes me.


Your love forever.



Intelligent=> clever
You have it all=> you are perfect,
It s for nothing ... => there is a reason why i am in love with you.
Can t support => can t bear you
This is too much => it is
* i m leaving you,
* you desire
* but you will not touch / hurt me
* but you will not dare hurting me
* That i made
* but it can t works between you and I
* you have to know
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It is for that that I am with you

But when you are bad tempered! I can't stand you

All your whims, your desire to be ....

You'll search for me ...

Every country if necessary/ all the countries if necessary

But you wont dare hurt me

Me my only regret is that I speak without thinking

You must know that i will always love you, it is just your character that pushes me