Bonjour je voudrai de l'aide SVP c urgent il faut quand anglais je fasse un héros sans super pouvoirs juste le d'écrire son nom et tout comme une carte d'identité mais avec une description de sa vie et tout merci c urgent svp ( on peut inventer)



He's name John and he married with Nina.he is tall and of medium build.He has got short light brownhair.
He has got dark eyes.he often stay weared a red and white checked shirt, blue trousers and black trainers.
(construction pas sur je veux dire il est souvent habillé de ..)he live in New York city.he's from China
John is 20 years old.John was a good student and he's now a Scientific.He meet Nina in university of New york.
John and Nina are working on a potion against oldness.In the potion was Leopard ADN and many vitamin.One day John tried out a potion
(Il a éssayé la potion)and he was sick over night.Nina was sad and not know to do ( elle ne sais pas quoi faire)
And this morning JOhn was a very very good form and Nina was astouned.And one day John was late and he run super speed.he surprised But he 
was many superpowers.he discovered he was abled to Super Speed,Time Travel,Dimensional Travel,Enhanced Reflexes X-Ray vision and super breath. 
Super strength and super hearing,Invulnerability.( pas sur de la construction avec be able to ) and he discovered disability
he hates Ice and Chill.And he has a idea , it's save a life of people and defend Justice .And Nina created his costum
His costum was beautiful it was blue and it writes Léo (son costume est tout bleu et c'est ecrit léo sur le coin haut a gauche a coté de la manche)
He save many life of people and defended justice he was called "Léoman" or "Dynamicman".But he was a ennemy he's Dr Guerro .He has powers, Ice.
Dr Guerro was a student and he hates John because he loves Nina but Nina choose john than his.Dr guerro defied john several times and he lose all the time
Dr Guerro knows Léoman it's JOhn because one day JOhn came in at home and he saw his costum