Racontez ou imaginez un accident de la route dont vous avez ete temoin en anglais: _decrivez brievement le lieu de l'accident. _Que s'est il produit ? -qui a appele l'ambulance? _que faisaaient les différents temoins en attendant leur arrivée? -pendant que les ambulanciers s'occupaient du/des blessé(s)? -quelles questions les policiers posaient-ils aux temoins: posez les question directement comme si vous étiez policier. -conclusion



Yesterday, my friends and I were looking for some clothes in a branded shop in the city center when we heard a big noise coming from the outside so, we decided to go out and find out what's hapening.
It was a car accident as we saw a car crahed into a cafe. Three men were lying on the floor in a pool of blood and another unconscious man who was still in the damaged car was severely injured. People were really frightened and some women were screeming and covering their children eyes, so then won't see that awful scene. Fortunately, a guy who was in the same shop as us was a doctor and decided to look after the victims until the ambulance came and took them to the nearest hospital. After that came some police officers who started immediately asking witnesses questions about the accident as such as " When exactly did it happen ? " or " How was the man driving before the crash ? Did he seem to be drunk? " and more... Finally we went back home hopping that the victims are ok and that nothing like this would ever happen to one of us...