Besoin d'aide svp!!! d'aprés ce texte en anglai il faut completer un texte; qui se trouve tout ) la fin en souligné

in the 19th century millions of europeans emigrated to the usa because they wanted to find a better life.Many of them couldn't find work in cities like New York,so they left and went to find farmland in the west.The peaple,called settlers,travelled west through the moutains on the'Oregon Trail'.Some of these peaple hoped to find gold in California.The journey sometimes took more than a year.There are a lot of films,called'Westers',about the settlers on the Native Americans(American Indians),attacking the settlers,and the indians kill thousands of white peaple.But the truth is that the Native Americans were not the biggest problem for the settlers.In fact,most of them were very helpful to the settlers.It is true that the settlers'journey was extremely dificult.Many of them walked 3.200 kilometres,the whole length of the trail.They had wagons,but the wagons were often too full,so peaple could not travel in them.Many parents also had to carry their small children.The people were very poor and many did not even have shoes-they walked the whole trail barefoot,in extremely cold temperatures.More than 50.000 peaple ,including many women and children,died on the trail.A lot of people died from illnesses like cholera,because the drinking water wasn't clean.There were also a lot of accidents.Many people died under the wheels of wagons,for example,and from accidental gunshots.

texte a completer /completer les poittillés

the accident happened in the year.......
The settlers were in the boat because they wanted to....,but the boat was too full and it turned over and sank......people died.Too many people were on the boat because were on the boat because the people who had the boad wanted to make.....
the settlers paid.....each to get in the boat

+ les questions

which states did the oregon trail go trough?hOW LONG WAS THE TRAIL,do you think? How long do you think a journey took along the Oregon Trail? What problems do you think people had on the journey?



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J'ai trouver que le début thé accident happées on thé yearling 19th thé slitters were un thé boat because They wanted to find à better Life