Et bien je pense que les beaux tags, autorisées par les forces de l'ordre, sont bien, mais pas les graffitis ! 


Traduction : I think that the beautiful tags authorized by the law are well, but not graffiti 


Pour la traduction je suis pas sure ! 


I personally think that street artists are divided into two categories:  the ones who only wants to have fun by painting things in the street and the ones who wants to express and share their feelings, political or social ideas with their brush.


When people criticize street art, they think about vandalism: of course drawing graffiti on the wall of their house won’t please them, and I totally agree that the vandals should pay for their damage, because it shows a lack of respect to them and this is totally useless.

When someone says the word graffiti,  I immediately think of Banksy.

                He's a world-famous graffiti artist known for his satirical street art. I appreciate him very much because he's interested in political themes and human condition.

It's a special form of art that he does, indeed his graffiti are made to denounce and criticize interesting things of the world in which we live, like war, capitalism,  fascism and consumer society.

                For certain, he's considered as a vandal because his works are mainly in public places like streets, walls or bridges and often not appreciated.

                What we must remember is that if Banksy doesn’t do this, no one will notice his work. He has, to shock people who see it, and for that he knows he must show it in public places, where millions of people will walk by in their everyday quotidian. I think it's a kind of art that we should tolerate.


 Sometimes it’s a good thing to force someone to see the reality as it is:  global warming, wars, rape culture… even if people live in this type of society, they don’t realize it. Banksy and other graffiti artist that use their skills to make things change or progress, or even just to make people aware about the world they live in should not be considered as vandals, but as true and complete artists. 


{C'est cool parce que j'ai déjà fait un devoir sur le même sujet, il est assez long et complexe donc sélectionne seulement ce que tu trouves intéressant, bise)