Dans l'exercice 2

1 : Scotland is in the north of the uk
2 : It's capital Edinbourg ( Je crois que sa s'écrit comme ça )
3 : Kilt isn't rarely worn in Scotland

Après je sais pas

1)scotland is locate in the west of england

2)its capital, glasgow, is knowing for its castle

3)the kilt is rarely worned in scotland

4)to making a traditional kilt, two metres of wool are used

5)in 1986, the scottish parliament was dissolved


1)the scotts are eaten for hogmanay

2) the scotts is the dark-coloured sausages

3) cette phrase n'est pas au passif

4)The scotts want to main export one of scoland's, isn't it?

5) cette phrase n'est pas au passif


en esperant t'avoir aidé :)