AIIIIIIIIIDER MOI PLEEEAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE <3 je voudrais faire ce travail sans traducteur SVP

Devoir : inventer un personnage d'une journaliste et la présenter en anglais puis écrire son enquête sur un phénomène paranormal et donner son avis, si c'est vrai ou pas

Aller kiiiiiiiisssssssssss, cimer aux généreux



Meilleure réponse !

Grigori Efimovitch Raspoutine, afterward Raspoutine-Novy (in Russian:  probably born in 1869 in the village of Pokrovskoïe, is a pélerin, mystic and Russian quack. He became a confidant of Alexandra, wife of Nicolas II and acquired a strong influence within the Russian imperial court(yard), until her murder in Saint-Petersburg at night from 16 till 17 December 1916.
Native of borders of Siberia, it is mystic wandering one, maybe one staretz3, sometimes nicknamed the " crazy monk ". No source(spring) however gives evidence that he would really have been a monk, as himself asserted it. The hypothesis most generally reserved is that it was especially a pélerin endowed with a big aura.