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William Shakespeare was born on St George's day, probably the 23rd préposition April 1564 (ou month/day/year). He grew up besoin un destination with his father who was a butcher, a tanner and a glove maker. He His father? certainly influenced Shakespeare in his plays because of his workplace, the blood and the death that he rubbedautre verbe each day.
In the XVI th on écrit nineteenth, par exemple century, besoin un adverbe times were tough. People fought to survive. They didn't live (for a long time)long, (the) life was nasty and brutish, walking down the street was dangerous. Outside, the plague spread quickly, the men were hung, and the monks were massacred because of the conflict between protestants and catholics.
When Shakespeare began his career, Queen Elisabeth (the 1st)the first ascended the throne. She started her reign in England by encouraging drama and music. She made London the theatre capital of the world thanks to the Queens men a theatrical troop reviser cette phrase. However, there was (a)numéro un mistake: Actors needed patronage because they didn't earn money by acting in public. So Elisabeth the 1st decided to build permanent theatres. In 1594, James Burbage, one of the first impresario, built a permanent theatre called Lord Chamberlain's men. Then, troops became professionals, they acted in permanent theatres and earned more money because they were independent and didn't need (a) patronage anymore.
Shakespeare became famous, he wrote and acted performed many tragedies and comedies such as a "Midsummer nights dream", "Much ado about nothing" and "As you like it". In his plays, he loved to turn the world upside down by using irony and humour.

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