Dear John,


You are a new New Yorket so wil I be very soon I'll be moving to New York In two month time


I have to share some good news.  I will get the position as Director of a trading company in New York and I shall earn a lot of money, 


I will not leave London on my own.  Alissa will come along as my wife as we will get married bfore our removal.  I and we shall move together to New York.


We shall have a good life in New York.  When we get an apartment in New York  we shall really settle down there.  We shall have children in the big Apple city. 


I shall miss my dog as he (male) will move to my parents' place.  I shall also leave my car in my parents' place.



So I am looking forward to seeing you very soon maybe by next september in New York.


All the best to you and your lovely family