Bonjour, j'ai ceci à faire et je n'ai pas d'idée. J'aimerais quelques phrases d'exemples ou que je pourrais dire pour m'aider un petit peu:

Your best friend is about to marry a girl he has never seen. His parents have arranged everything but he didn't dare protest. In order to help him, you decide to call the "Forced marriage unit", whose posters you have seen in the London Tube. You must ready to:

- Explain why your calling.

- Say you prefer not to give tour name or your friend's name.

- Give reasons (scared, not sure it's good idea..)

- Give his age: 21 -you don't know the girl's age.

- Ask for advice.

- Ask for details whenever you feel it's necessary.

- Say thank you and end the conversation.



Voilà un très court passage qui, je l'espère, pourra te donner un peu d'inspiration !

Hello, I'm calling you because I'm really worried about my best friend's situation. His parents are forcing him to marry a girl he doesn't even have met. He can't do anything about that because he dread the reaction of his parents, you know, it's part from its culture but it is not fair for him, je have the right to chose his future wife ! That's why I'm calling you instead of him. I think you'll understand if I keep my name and his name secret. The least I can do is giving his age, he is now 21 years old and I'm sure that this is not a proper situation for such a young man ! My friend doesn't even know how old his future wife is ! That's not right for him, we can't let his parents arrange this mariage freely without taking care of their child !
Please, we don't know what to do, my friend and I need some advices, he is really concerned about his future. I saw your poster while I was in the Tube. I'm begging you, you are our last hope ! You are the only one who can help us.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart