Il faudrait corriger ce texte svp :In the image 1 we see the planet be in hiding on a bike with the luxuriant nature behind, his(her,its) means of transportation does not pollute and thus do good to his(her,its) to her it is for his(her,its) that he wrote there it is the day of the earth(ground) because it's as if she(it) win against the human beings because she(it) is on a bike contrary has filing down 2 which returns to the life real because she(it) is in the car in corks to surround with car has quotation of a supermarket. We can see car which pollutes with the gas which goes out of the muffler. On the photo 1 she(it) is satisfied because there is not pollution anymore but in the life reality thus in the photo 2 she(it) has a drop(gout) which represents what has it has a good laugh of this life which pollutes.




il faut que tu eleve les parenthèse choisis un sujet :) et perso tout les chiffres je les ecrirait en lettres et sinon la conjugaison les accord et tout sa c'est pas mal :)

aller bon courage.