Coucou voilà je suis définitivement nul en Anglais alors j'aurais encore besoin de votre aide : il faut poser une question qui correspond au passage en gras en utilisant les mots interrogatifs suivant :-How long -how far -how long ago - what...for - who- why

1) A british tourist nearly lost himself in the Amazonian forest a week ago.

2)He walked about half a mile into the thick forest and after fifteen minutes , his wife called for him and started worrying.

3)I started to cry because I was afraid something might have happened to him.

4)Our guide went looking for him and it took him another fifty minutes to find him.

5)He'd climbed up a tree to take a photograph of the forest and couldn't come back down!

Merci d'avance à tout ceux qui pourront m'aider :P!!




1) How long go the tourist in the Amazonian forest?

2)How long ago half a mile is he, and How long ago His Wife called for him?

3)Why Start You to Cry?

4)How long,Our guide went looking for him?

5)Why have he clombed up a tree?

 VOila :) j'espere que sa t'aidera


How long ago a british tourist has been lost in the amazonian forest ?

How long did he walk in the thick forest and who called him and why ?

Why did you start to cry ?

How long did it take to your guide to find him after he started to look for him ?

Why did he climb up the tree ?