1) these are gragments from a ghotic tale. You must use the preterite and complete the sentences.

- the princess / walk in the garden // the bandittis / attack her

- they / put her on a donkey // she / cry - It / rain // they arrive / the bandittis'house

- she / run away // they / slepp

2) do you like gothic stories ? why ? use argumentative vocabulary ( votre avis en 2 phrases svp )





1)the princess walked in the garden when the bandittis attacked her

It rained , They put her on a donkey and arrived in the banditti's house. She cried it and when they slept she ran away.

2) It depend of the subject and it there's supense and lot of action.


Voilà je te laisse plus développer pour la dernière question!!!

Bon courage !