y a moyen que voue m'zidez svp jlui besoi mardi

essay writin(180/200): choose one the following subjects:

subject n 1 : write a new adaptation of one of your favourite fairy-tales. then. it will be read to the classe who will have to guess the title of the fairy-tale. your classmates will also have to pick out differences with the real story.so,be imaginative !

subject n 2 : you have a lot of imagination and you have telling stories you have made up. imagine a fairy-tale which will be read to the class. you are supposed to draw your classmates'attention.they will be expected to understand the plot and they will have to sum it up .so.invent a gripping story!

rules, write the story in the past, skip lines and count up the words



Je te conseille de prendre le sujet numero 1, prends un exemple de conte de fée typique u genre Le livre de la junggle ( the jungle book) et change simplement l'endroit, quelques uns des animaux. J'espere que ca t'aidera