Bonjour, voilà j'ai besoin d'aide en anglais

Les consignes

écrire 150 mots ou plus

avoir 1 auxillaire de modalité

un nom de super-héros

3 mots de liaisons

3 groupes nominaux complexes

1 description physique

sa mission

sa double identity exemple Clark Kent

ses pouvoirs

sa personnalité

ses qualités

enfin des adjectifs composé exemple middle-aged

j'ai pensé à ceci comme pouvoirs magiques: elle peut voler passer entre les murs entendre à plusieurs kilomètres

j'attente toutes vos idées merci à tous




My superhero name is  (à toi de trouver le nom). He is tall, handsome, very muscular with blue eyes. His costume is dark-purple with a black belt. He is very young with black short-haired.

 He leads a double life, he is a professor on the day allowing him to listen to problems and be sociable, and super hero by night. He must save the world, avoid crime, help justice. To achieve this, it comes stock with several powers, it can pass through walls, fly (without cape) and hear from afar. He is very generous, listening to people and always there when you need him. He is really friendly. He is always ready to help the innocent. He is also nice and attentive as well as intelligent. He's perfect, he gets to manage his work as a professor and his duty superhero. (142 mots)


J'espère que c'est ça..