Bonjours vous pouvez vérifier si j'ai des fautes sur mon exercices anglais Merci

On 14/05/2013 he is going to have a football match "the classico" Real madrid versus FC Barcelone.There are the two better clubs of football that have the best players of world Messi and Ronaldo who are going to play on the "stade de france".It is final of champion's league.IT is the event most to look in the world.It is the event which has most of nobody in front of her hall offered us tickets for the match for the classes ninth grade.Departure of the college 9:30 am the route last the 2 hours of subway thus 11:30 am and the match begins a 12 am he will have pré-show of music of 30 minutes before the match .The match be finished at 2pm.The return to college is 4:30pm




Voilà la première partie, après, pour les 3 dernières phrases je me suis complétement perdue.

''The May 14, 2013 will be a football match ''The classic" Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. These are the two best football clubs. They have the best players in the world, Messi and Ronaldo, who will play in the "France stadium". It's the final champion's league. It's the most watched event in the world. Town offered us tickets to the game for the ninth grade classes.
  The departure of the school is at 9:30 am.''