Hey les gens pourriez vous m'aider pour mon devoir d'anglais ? :P il faut mettre c'est phrase sous forme interrogatif :) 1)Jennifer has a problem.

2)She's been crying.

3)You often talked to him.

4)They had to answer all the questions.

5)They had left their car in the garage.

6)He went to china last autumn.

7)He's been writing to her .

Et si il vous reste encors un peu de temps il y a aussi ces phrase là :

8)She threw away all his love letters.

9)He'd forgotten to call her .

10)They drank too much champagne last night .

11)She knows what suffering means.

12)They'd just come from london by train.*

13)He saw her read the letter and blush.

14)She has red hair and green eyes.

Et pour finir :

15)He became a famous writer and earned a fortune.

Merci beaucoup d'avance à tous ceux qui m'aideront !! :DD




Hey salut, j'espère que mes réponses seront correctes, voici ce que je propose:

1) Does Jennifer have a problem?

2) Has she been crying?

3) Did you often talk to him?

4) Did they have to answer all the questions?

5) Had they left their car in the garage?

6) Did he go to China last autumn?

7) Has he been writing to her?

8) Did she throw away all his love letters?

9) Had he forgotten to call her?

10) Did they drink too much champagne last night?

11) Does she know what suffering means?

12) Had they just come from London by train?

13) Did he see her read the letter and blush?

14) Does she have red hair and green eyes?

15) Did he become a famous writer and earned a fortune (did he earn a fortune)?