Meilleure réponse !

Monday, November 3rd


The first day was really hard since the age of twelve I have a laptop and a computer, live a week without all this gonna be hard but hey I'll hold on.


Tuesday, November 4th


Now with my girlfriends was closer than habits, we did games together, I find it more fun than being all the time on our phones. The harder it is to have no news of his family.


Wednesday, November 5th


For the third day without new technologies, we went out together in a large because natural, which is a shame, is that we could not take pictures.


Thursday, November 6th


The penultimate day before going home, I find that living without this new technology is not difficult. Again, we were very close with my friends, we went to play sports with a teacher but there was no music to encourage us as well but we managed.


Friday, November 7th


For the last day I'll tell my whole week without new technology. In fact live without this new technology is not very hard to talk to apart his family and loved ones. What is good is that it approaches more people that we know. Finally I could not live without my new technology, but a week without it did not hurt.


Bon j'espère que c'est ça ...