j'ai un exposé à faire en algais sur birdy, pouvez-vous me corriger les fautes et me dire si c'est bien ou pas, merci.

et, comment dit-on concertiste en anglais ? merci


His real name is Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde. She was born May 15 1996 in Lymington in the south of England.
His family is essentially composed of artist : his mother is a ''concertiste'', her father is a writer, his brothers and sisters son musicians ans his uncle is actor.
His stage name Birdy come from his parents, because, when she was little, when taste, she opened her mouth like a little bird.
Today, Birdy was got sixteen years old and is a famous singer and musician.


At seven years old, she learned to play the piano and at eight years old, she already composed his first songs.
At twelve years old, Birdy won the Grand Prix music competition Open Mic UK in 2008.
Warner's remark and sign a contract with her.
His first title "Skinny Love", released in 2011, stands at the top of English hits. In November of the same year, she released the first album is called "Birdy".
It was released in France in March 2012.
Maybe after Birdy and received his first gold record while at sixteen years old.




J'aime bien, tu Peux dire sinon qu'elle a fait une reprise de Skinny Love.

Sinon, globalement c'est bien. Si j'ai plus d'information sur sa biographie ou autre je te le dirais d'accord.