besoin d'aide pour faire en sorte que ce résumé de cendrillon face entre 250 et 300 mots , si quelqu'un pourrait me le refaire mais en ajoutant des adjectif et de la narration se serai vraiment gentil de votre part ! merci beaucoup a ceux ou celles qui voudront bien m'aider !

Once upon a time, a girl , she's name was Ceindrella , she was a beautiful girl. Her life can be perfect, but she has got an horrible stepmother, who had got an only target which is, give many advantages for her gril, to depend on the daughter-in-law's life. It was terrible because Cindrella was very nice, and she did all the chore that you stepmother want. She couldn't say anything because without them, she is only. One day, Cindrella she has got a ball, but her stepmother didn't want to she went to it. However, Cindrella went to it, bu at midnight, she had to left very quickly before to became a pumpking. She came back very fast that she lost her shoe. A prince found it and she want to give it to Cindrella. When he saw her, he gave her shoe and she wore it perfectly. A love history begin




Once upon a time, the story of a girl, who's name was Cindirella.

She was a very beautiful girl, and her life could be perfect, but she has got an horrible stepmother, who had on only target in her life, wich is:  to give all what is possible, all what is marvellous to their awful daughters; and to take advantage of her daughter in law  Cindirella.

It really was terrible because Cindirella was very nice, and she made all the chores that her stepmother wanted. She couldn't say anything, because whitout them, she were alone , so she worked very hard for her stepmother and  their  two stepsisters who were very wicked and even evil.

One day, a ball was organized by the prince of the country, Cinderella wanted to go over there, but her stepmother wont she went to it.

However, Cindirella went to the ball, with the help of her fairy godmother, but she had to go back into one's room before midnight , before the coach became a pumpking.

At midnight, she danced with the prince who had eyes only for her, so she run quickly outside but she left one of her magical shoes, the prince found it and looked for her but she was gone. 

The prince sent for her in all the country, every girl of the country tried the shoe, the stepmother wanted one of their daughters for princess, but someone said to the prince there was an other girl in the house. When he saw her, he gave her the shoe and she wore it perfectly. So Cindirella became the new princess of the country, everybody was very happy to have a new princess, except the stepmother ans their daughters who became servants in the castle. A love story began.


bon j'espère que ça ira .... good luck