A- 1- something 2-something  3-somewhere 4- somebody or someone.

B- 1a-nothing    2a-nowhere  3a-nothing  4a- nobody or no-one.

C- 1b- i'm didn't say anything 2b-I'm not going anywhere  3b- I don't want anything

    4b- I'm not looking for anybody.

D- 1- anything 2-somewhere 3-anything 4- anything 5-somebody 6- something

     7-somebody + anybody 8- anything 9-somebody 10-someone 11-anything 12- nowhere

    13-somewhere 14-something 15-something.

E- 2- anything to eat.  3- nothing to do. 4-anywhere to sit. 5-something to drink.

    6-nowhere to park 7-something to read 8-somewhere to stay.

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2 something 3 somewhere 4 someone


2a nowhere b  I'm not going anywhere

3a nothing  b I don't want anything

4a no-one  b I'm not looking for anybody


3 anything  4 anything  5 somebody  6 something  7 somebody nobody  8 anything  9 nobody  10 anyone  11 nothing  12 anywhere  13somewhere  14 anything  15 somebody



2 anything to eat

3 nothing to do

4 anywhere to sit

5 something to drink

6 nowhere to park

7 something to read

8 somewhere to stay