Billy Summer                                                                     Patrick Grey (the director of the FBI)

15 Baker street                                                                   935 Pennsylvania Avenue

Los Angeles, United States                                             Washington D.C, United States

[email protected]                                 



Dear director,


I would work in your society since I’m a child. I always liked investigations and secret services, and it’s the reason why it’s my dream to work in the FBI. I’m particularly interested by coded messages. What’s more, I’m clever and I like solving puzzles. I’ve got a logic mind and I can work many hours in a row.

A job interview will be the best solution to prove to you my determination. I’ve also many questions for you:

- What have an agent to do every day?

- Are the conditions of work very hard?

- How many hours have an agent to work?

- Have we got a tough program every day?

- At which hour can we go back home?

- What I will have to do if I’m hired?


All in all, I’m sure to be able to work in your society thanks to my strength and my bravery.

I hope you will motion to me; I look forward to your reply.



Billy Summer



N'oublie pas de me remercier, j'ai besoin de points pour poster mon devoir :p

Bonne aprèm !