Ecrit un mail a ton ami Bob pour lui annoncer que tu as réussi a obtenir 3 places pour les MTV music awards. Communique-lui toutes les informations . Rends ton mail plus agréable a lire; montre ton enthousiasme, dis que tu esperes qu'ils viendra , ce que esperes entendre ou voir, qui tu esperes rencontrer etc ... Mercccciiiii :DD



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Hey Bob !!!!!!!!!


          You won't believe what I'm about to tell you :D ......... I MANAGED TO GET 3 TICKETS FOR THE MTV MUSIC AWARD !!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo happy :D  You probably are guessing : " Who is she going to invite since she have 3 tickets ? " Well , since I'm the most amazing friend , I decides to invite you and Mary ! Yeah I know, I'm awesome ;) 

Now, you need the details of course ! So, the ceremony will be held this Saturday at 7pm so be ready at 5pm ! I'll pick you up with Mary :) 

I really hope you'll come because guess who will be there ???!!!!! :D ( là tu dis le nom de ton/ta chanteur/chanteuse préféré(e) au choix en montrant que tu es super excitée :P)  I hope he/she will win the award of the best singer of the year and that he/she will perfom ( là tu met le titre d'une chanson ) !  Ohhh , I almost forgot !!!!!!!!!!! I also managed to get 3 backstages passes :D We will be able to take pictures with some celebrities !!!! AJSJFJEOPPOFJEOPQ<OPJPOQJ !!! Okay I'll stop here :P 

Anyways , I can't wait for this and I hope you do too :)


                                                                                               ( ton prénom ) - xoxo