Aide-toi d'internet, tu prends les informations les plus importantes et après tu crés tes propres phrases puis tu fais un paragraphe et après ça te donnera un résumé.

J'espère t'avoir aidé.

Meilleure réponse !

Only son of a Parisian family, his father a management consultant and a mother chief of staff, he went on stage at the age of three years. At age 5, he took piano lessons. After completing two years of preparatory economic and business class in high school Our Lady of Holy Cross of Neuilly, he joined the Business School in Nice, CERAM (now Skema Business School) in Sophia-Antipolis, he graduated in 1997. Having already claimed a strong artistic vocation, he decided to complete his luggage following radio courses at Studio School in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, and theater at the Cours Florent in Paris.