svp c'est urgent ! j'ai des exercices sur le present perfect et le past simple :

1. Complete these sentences using today/this year/this term etc.+ a present perfect.

1) I saw Tom yesterday but I haven't seen him today.

2) I read a newspaper yesterday but I ...

3) Last year the company made a profit but ...

4) Tracy worked hard at school last term but ...

5) It snowed a lot last winter but ...

6) Our football team won a lot of games last season but we ...

2. Are the underlined parts of these sentences right or wrong?

1) I've lost my key. I can't find it anywhere.

2) Have you seen the news on the television last night?

3) I've bought a new car. Do you want to see it?

4) I've bought a new car last week.

5) Where have you been yesterday evening?

6) Jenny has left school in 1991.

7) I'm looking for Sean. Have you seen him?

8) I'm very hungry. I haven't eaten anything today.

9) When have you phoned him?

10) Marco Polo has discovered China.




Meilleure réponse !
2/ I haven't read one today.
3/ It hasn't made a profit this year.
4/ She hasn't worked hard this term.
5/ It hasn't snowed this year/winter.
6/ They haven't won this year/season.

1_ right (je crois)
2_ wrong
3_ right (je crois)
4_ wrong
5_ wrong
6_ wrong
7_ right
8_ right
9_ wrong (je crois)
10_ désolé je ne sais pas

Bon je crois que c'est ça mais je ne suis pas sûre.
Attends la confirmation de quelqu'un d'autre . Bon courage!! :)

Je pense que tout est bon
Pour part 2:
1) juste
2) faux
4) faux
5) juste
9) juste
10) faux