1) Are Nissans made in Japan ?

2) Milk is not sold in this shop.

3) Cars are made in this factory.

4) Is the sheep taken home every night ?

5) Is Lulu's food put in this dish ?

6) This books are not kept in that bookcase.

7) Is it a song sung or a poem said at the end of each day ?

8) The children is not taught geometry at that school.

9) The house swept every day.

10) The police say this man didn't want any more.

11) A new president is chosen each September.

12) The Russian language is not understood in India.

13) My wallet is not lost ! Look it's..........

Voilà pour le premier exercice.

1) was cleared 2) was put up 3) was made 4) was collected 5) was placed 6) was put up 7) was put.

Voilà pour le second.

Juste un petit conseil révise bien tes verbes irréguliers, parce que tu aurais pu très bien le faire seule, si tu les connaissais. Je ne sais pas en quelle classe tu es, mais sache que par la suite, il est impératif de les connaître. Bonne soirée :)