Tout se passe le 17 mars de chaque année, lorsque les irlandais se réunissent dans les grandes villes et petits villages, pour célébrer la Saint Patrick. En ce jour de fête, la population s’en donne à cœur-joie, chantant, dansant, et buvant… Les Pubs Irlandais ne désemplissent pas, les bières se remplissent et se vident à une vitesse folle, et la musique irlandaise  envahit les rues. Les grands villes en profitent également pour organiser de magnifiques parades, comme à Dublin, où O'connell Street est littéralement prit d’assaut par les dublinois !


Everything takes place on March 17th of every year, when Irish meet in big cities and small villages, to celebrate the Saint Patrick's Day. In this feast day, the population gives it itself to heart-joie, melodious, dance, and drinking … The Irish Pubs do not empty, beers fill(perform) and empty in a crazy speed, and the Irish music invades streets. Big cities also take advantage of it to organize magnificent parades, as in Dublin, where O connell Street is literally assaulted by dublinois!


Who is Patrick?

Born in Britain at the end of the 4th century, saint patrick was sold as a slave in Ireland when he was 16 and forced to work as a shepherd. After escaping captivity, he spent twelve years at a monastery in France before returning to Ireland to covert people to Christianity. It is said that Saint Patrick was able to raise the dead and that he banished all the snakes from the country. He became Bishop of Ireland in 431 and died on 17th March 461.


It is why there is a day to celebrate his.