coucou, j'ai un mot croisé a compléter pour demain mais je n'en ai reussi aucun Merci:)

1.A....person isn't shy or scared of things(9)
2.Part of the body-it sound like "I"(3)
3.You put a stop at the end of a sentence(4)
4.Steve's sister is in the middle ...the Atlantic Ocean(2)
5.She's...English on the phone to her friend in London(8)
6.plural of I(2)
7.Rosie...he rfriends at the weekend.
8.Quite angry
9.Funny people are often...jokes
10.Comparative of good
11.Musical instrument with black and white keys
12.Comparative form of bad



1) strong 2) teeth 3) dot or item 4) of 5) speaking 6). We 7) and 9) say 10) better 11) piano 12) worst.
J'espère que je t'ai aider :)