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Salut, pour ce devoir je peut t'aider je t'envoie le texte.

Dear Majesty,

I am writing to you to let you know of the living conditions in East End. Children do not go to school and do not eat good and healthy food. Many mothers cannot breasfeed their newborns because they do not eat enough and don't therefore have enough milk. Life-threatening diseases such as German Measles are a plague in East End. Many children and adults have passed away.
Homes are infected with lices and fleas. Nothing has been done to stop this!
We demand that you provide decent housing to any East enders. East Enders deserve to live in a nice and refurbished home.
Crime and rapes have increased by 50 percent! East Enders do not feel secure anymore. We are asking your assistance in keeping East End safe and are requesting more police patrols.
All those measures are necessary to ensure a return to normalcy!
If nothing is done, riots will threaten other London boroughs.
A law should be passed against Child Labor. Many children of 5 and older are forced to work in factories because their families cannot meet both ends. Therefore, they are illiterate and also vulnerable.
We trust you will find a solution to those issues and remain at your disposal to discuss them further.
I have honor to remain, Madam, Your Majesty’s most humble and obedient subject.

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