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Conversation about a job   Interviewer: So why did you decide to apply for this job ?   Candidate: Well, I’ve always wanted to work in this sector and I feel I have the right profile and experience for the post.   I.: Tell me a bit about your experience.   C.: Well, my background is in administration. In my previous job I was responsible for the day-to-day running of a small but busy office. I’m keen to work in a larger organization which will allow me to develop my existing skills and take on new responsibilities.   I.: This job involves working under pressure and to tight deadlines. How would you cope with that ?   C.: Well, I enjoy a challenge and work better under pressure. But I believe in proper planning and time management to get the job done efficiently.   I.: What has been your biggest problem in your work to date ?   C.: Well, when I took up the post of office manager everyone was spending too much time in meetings which seemed to go on for ever. I rescheduled our meetings to just before lunch and they started to go much quicker. Productivity went right up and earned me a pay rise. So my biggest problem turned out to be my greatest achievement …
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pardon j'ai clavier en anglais

Interviewer: hello young youth welcome to my office you stepped into my company at 9am  to prove what?
Interviewee: sir i am most intersested with your company and it is my dream to come and help your organization into the next level. I beleive i am just the amount of luck we need to accomplish this mission.
Interviewer: Are you sure you can pull it up many of people came to my office for a job and why do you think you should have this job and not the others? And can you handle the pressure?
Interviewee: Sir i came into your office not because of the salary but because of helping this company to develop, i think that i am the good luck charm in this company , and yes I am sure and certain that i can handle the pressure, why should you choose me ?
Sir , because i am well experienced and am willing to take risks for this company.
Interviewer: Thank you we will get back to you on your mobile phone.

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