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"One Day, in South America, where he knew other wealthy but somewhat dreary people, he heard a fantastic story from a young man he trusted, a doctor who like him, was interested in the theatre, in culture. Together -can you imagine ?-They put on an amateur production of Endgame. This doctor was moved by the old man's wish for something unattainable. He confied in him,saying that an amazing thing was talking place. Certain old rich men and women were having their living brains removed and transplanted into the bodies of the young dead. "
Ralph became quiet here, as if needed to know my reaction before he could continue.
I said "It seems logical that technology and medical capability only need to catch up with the human imagination or will. I know nothing about science,but isn't this usually the way ?".
Ralph went on, "These people might not exactly live forever, but they would become young again. They could be twenty-years-olds if they wanted. They could live the lives they believed they'd missed out on.They
They could do what everybody dreams of, have a second chance. "
I murmured, "After a bit you realize there's only one invaluable commodity. Not gold or love, but time ".
"Who hasn't asked :why can't I be someone else ?Who, really, wouldn't to live again, given the chance ?"
"I'm not convinced of that, "I said. "Please continue.
Were there people you met who had done this ?"
"What are they like ".
2)What did the young doctor reveal ?
3)What seems Incredible and horrifying at the same time in this revelation
4)What shows that Ralph underwent the operation he is talking about ?
5)How old does he looks as he talks to the narrator ?(young, midlle-aged,old?)
6)How old do you think the narrator is (20,30,40,50,60)
7)What does Ralph reveal at the end of the passage ?
8)Does the narrator believe him?


2) He revealed that certain old rich men and women were having their living brains removed and transplanted into the bodies of the young dead.

3) That you will never be yourself again .

4) That he is defending this reveal and giving excuses and advantages for these people.

5)  He looks young.

6) I think he is 60 years old.

7) He reveals that he had met people who had done this.

8) No , he doesn't .
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