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Bonjour je dois faire une rédactions en anglais

Je soi imaginer être un enfant pauvre du 19ème siècle je dois raconter ma première journée de travail.
Je dois mettre des obligation..
J'ai besoin d'aide je n'arrive pas
Merci a celui où ceux qui m'aideront


Hello , i am  ........ from France and my family is very pauvre  . i gave to work very hard and i don't go to school . i lived in paris  but now i live in bordeaux .today it is my ferst day of job.i must wook up at 5am . Fist i colect the eggs from the chiken tham iprepare the brekfest to mister ..... and i lot of think .it is very hard and i am tired but i shoud work all the day or mister ..... will hit me in the face . i must work from 5am to 12pm. but the chidren have to go to school not to work but that my opinen
Here I am folks . I'm only 10 years old and parents can't afford feeding me .So they asked me to look for a job .

To day, I must collect rubbish in the neighbourhood. People will give me 10 cents per day. It's not enough but what can I do . I must work!!
In the evenings I must go to the baker's and help him with the closing of his shop since he 's too old. Afterwads I must go and clean the dishes in a tavern. I will keep there until everybody goes away. Then  I must go back home to give the money to my parents otherwise they will beat me !
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