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What do they have to do in their jobs?

Obligation : I have to, he has to...
Ex : He is a...so he has to.... . That's why/There fore he must be patient/meticulus/calm/ etc.

1. propsman 2. screenwriter 3. make up artist 4. stuntman 5. camera operator


1.He is a propsman so he has to read the script carefully and provides the actors with the objects they need to play their parts and put the things in the right place.That's why he always has  full of little things like a lighter, keys, coins, cell phones, etc, there fore he must be s to concentrate and be very precise

2.He is a screen writer so he has to work long before the film is shot and he doesn't have to be present in the film , that's why he must have a visual imagination and he must also know how to write well there fore , he must be creative to invent the words which will be spoken by the actors.

3.she is a make up actress she always has to be near actor or actress , to do their make up and fix , set it .that's why she always has makeup bag and brush between takes, There fore , She has to be meticulous and talented ...

4.he is a stuntman , he has to look like the actor that he will replace it's why he always wear the same costume that the actor or actress does , there fore , he has to be precise and patient...

5.he is a camera operator , he has to work on the film set or on location. Thatt's why  he is always in contact with the director. Most of the time he stands, but he sometimes sits, or even crouches. He always looks at the actors, and he starts shooting when he hears [clap] “Take 2!” There fore , he must be calm and patient , concentrate .....

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